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Services offered:

bullet Residential and Commercial
   Real Estate Transactions

bullet Land Use Issues

bullet Tax Assessment Appeals

bullet Civil Litigation


bullet Estate Planning

bullet Probate and Estate Administration

bullet Succession Planning

bullet Business and Corporate Law

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation involves legal disputes between two or more parties that seek money damages or specific performance rather than criminal sanctions. The law firm of Ridley, Chuff, Kosierowski & Scanlon, P.C. specializes in a wide range of complex litigation matters. We have represented individuals and businesses before trial courts in the Commonwealths of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, the federal courts within the Third Circuit and various administrative courts and tribunals within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Settling legal disputes for our clients everyday at Chuff and Kosierowski, P.C.

Types of Civil Litigation

Ridley, Chuff, Kosierowski & Scanlon, P.C. focuses on the following areas of litigation:

bullet Commericial Litigation
bullet Landlord/Tenant
bullet Personal injury
bullet Medical Malpractice
bullet Professional Liability
bullet Stockbroker Fraud/NASD Claims
bullet Insurance Defense
bullet Administrative Law
bullet Professional Licensing Boards

Litigation Lifecycle

Civil litigation can be divided into seven stages: Investigation, Pleadings, Discovery, Pre-Trial, Trial, Settlement and Appeal. The life span of a lawsuit can range from several months to several years. Complex civil litigation often takes years to pass from presuit investigation through trial/settlement. Not every lawsuit passes through each stage of litigation; most lawsuits are settled prior to trial. For the cases that do proceed to trial, a litigant must have a lawyer who possesses years of trial experience to meet the challenges presented at a jury trial.

The lawyers at Ridley, Chuff, Kosierowski & Scanlon, P.C. have tried numerous jury trials in a wide variety of complex matters. We bring a multitude of resources and experience to provide our clients with cost efficient and outstanding representation in both state and federal trial courts. We also have significant appellate experience in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Court's of Appeals as well as the United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Below is a short summary of the type of work undertaken by our law firm in a general litigation matter:

Initial Case Investigation/Assessment

We conduct an initial case investigation to determine whether enough evidence exists to file a lawsuit or what evidence exists to defend a potential suit. The investigation process may include locating wit-nesses, taking witness statements, gathering documents, interviewing the client and investigating the facts leading to the dispute.


Ridley, Chuff, Kosierowski & Scanlon, P.C. will draft a variety of pleadings and motions on behalf of a plaintiff(s) or defendant(s). Where we represent a Plaintiff, we will draft a summons and complaint to commence the lawsuit. Where we represent a Defendant, we will collaborate with the client to investigate the allegations of the lawsuit and formulate responses in the form of an Answer, New Matter, Counter-Claim and also draft a variety of motions including: motions to strike, motions to dismiss and motions for judgment on the pleadings.


The discovery process involves the exchange of relevant information between the parties. We employ a variety of discovery devices to gain information relevant to the lawsuit. These devices include interrogatories, depositions, requests for production of documents and requests for admissions. We also ex-amine physical evidence and inspect the scenes of accidents as well as collect, process and analyze information gathered during ediscovery. We draft related motions including motions to compel and various protective orders. The discovery process is vital to gaining relevant information, identifying issues and formulating a case strategy.


In the weeks before trial, the discovery process wraps up and the litigants prepare for trial. In the pre-trial stage, we consult with and advise our clients; retain expert witnesses; attend pre-trial conferences and develop a trial strategy based on the facts and evidence.


The majority of all lawsuits filed in civil court are settled prior to trial. In cases that proceed to trial, the trial team at Ridley, Chuff, Kosierowksi & Scanlon, P.C. proceed with the presentation of the lawsuit to the jury.

At trial, we conduct voir dire, select a jury and present the case in court. A trial includes the presenta-tion of opening and closing statements, direct examination and cross-examination of witnesses and a presentation of our clients' position through testimony and documentary evidence.


Most cases never reach trial but instead are settled in order to eliminate the risk and expense of trial. We may settle a case at any time during the life cycle of the litigation.

At settlement, Ridley, Chuff, Kosierowski & Scanlon, P.C. will engage in negotiations with opposing parties; participate in mediations and settlement conferences with the parties and the judge; and draft settlement agreements and releases.


If a litigant does not obtain a favorable outcome at trial, he or she may appeal the case. We will draft post-trial motions; identify and preserve issues for appeal; develop appellate strategies; gather evidence for the appellate record; research procedural issues; draft appellate documents; and present oral argu-ments before appellate courts. Our attorneys have experience in the Pennsylvania state appellate courts and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.